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Zoltar Bracket introduction
« on: December 01, 2011, 11:17:25 AM »
Welcome at the Zoltar Bracket machine introduction .

This Bracket machine design was the second machine design,
aiming at a bigger machine with ballbearings on tube.
Stimulated by Mr Kleinbauer to apply ballbearings on a tube  -
I wanted to see for myself if this concept could be used within a steel structure instead of wood.
So the design-job was done, a prototype made in wood which came out heavy,
confirming a steel setup was needed.
From that point on the Bracket machine evolved into a modular design.
It is very capable for many wood and plastic cut jobs and even some aluminium on the side.
Aluminium was actually on the edge, and could only be done with smaller cutters.
The accuracy with Ballscrews as-well Trapezium was within 0,1mm.

Only two machines in stainless where by me produced, and these are still in service at their owners.
As keypart, lots of brackets where sold and many plans have been distributed.
So there should be quite some in use around the world.

This section is of course about Q&A for current users, and maintaining the Zoltar Bracket mechanics.
You should find (or get) the answers to your questions on this mechanics here.

 - Chris Reinders -
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