Author Topic: Wish to aqcuire a 2012-NC - build licence or laserset?  (Read 8013 times)

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Wish to aqcuire a 2012-NC - build licence or laserset?
« on: November 01, 2012, 08:02:58 am »
So if you are up to this challenge, willing to learn something new
and start cutting parts in the near future, take this unique chance!

>Now have an all stainless-steel plano kitset/laserset cutup at your local
lasercutting company and assemble it into this 2012-NC - A3 sized machine. 

What do I get:
The Planset-licence includes a CD-rom with all needed 3D and 2D files
and the Werkstoff green slideblocks material & linear bushings
to assure that you use the right assy materials there.

This licence allows you to have one set lasercut and build one machine for personal use.
You have other plans in mind?
Just let me know, so we can solve that matter.

Additional support comes from the included one membership to our forum here
as-well personal email.

What does a planset-licence cost:
A 2012-NC licence costs 56€ incl forumsupport, Data CD, slideblocks & EU-shipment.

While stock lasts.....290€ excl tax and shipment, including linear slideblocks,
bushings and instructions CD-rom.
Pick up from Kampen, NL possible.



Sadly to announce......

The Plans or a laserset of this tool are not available anymore.
There is little to none request for building this setup.
If there is a demand in the future, just let me know, and we will pick it up from there.

Support for the current builders and users will remain over at the members section.

This project has been archived.


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