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My Second Zoltar
« on: November 02, 2012, 04:33:13 PM »
My first CNC machine design and buildup was the Classic Zoltar which dates back from 2001

After the first build I did experiment with a longer version which had
up to 1000mm cuttingspace in X-dual drive - I believe that was in 2003.
That would then be my second Zoltar machine :)
It was build out of spare, extra cut parts.
No loss if it did not work out.

After using this one here @home for these years, the Delrin nuts did wear out.
Busy with many other things it was put aside in 2009,
The idea was to upgrade this setup with new drivescrews & nuts some day.

Recently ballscrews where installed on all axis.
Y and Z did remain largely the same, the ballnutmount was added.
X however, got a pair of secondhand THK rails I got from a friend.
This combi works OK with a single ballscrew drive for light work.
However dual drive is more complicated and more expensive.
Dual drive just works better looking at the first cutting results
from the new 2012-NC.

Anyhow, the setup is finished and starts a new life.
Now ready for the next ten+ years!

Lessons learned from this and the 2011-CL inspired me
to completely redesign the Classic from 2001 into the
now all stainless steel, dual ballscrew driven 2012-NC.