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a NEW-Year.....
« Reply #15 on: December 27, 2015, 03:33:27 pm »
Hello CNC enthusiasts, visitors.

Ever since 2001 up to today Ive been busy to get this hobby up to a higher level,
at a lower level 1000-2000€ budget.
That a real challenge, as building a 4000-10000€ PnP machine is not.
Development of the Classic, Bracket machine and some trials in between learned me a lot.
Since 2011 Ive been using a 2011 machine (up till today) in a short and later longer size with pleasure.

as people (mostly) don't read, but just browse pictures......

      - FYI-

the original purpose of my tools are cutting woodwork and plastics.

Indeed ALU cutting or metals are not the purpose,
and never has been a purpose of this or similar built previous setups.
Still it does a great job in ALU as shown here below.

Sure, it takes more time than a profi machine, but its possible if needed.

Next year I will start using the new 2014-PT which is prob a bit more suitable for this purpose.

More in the next year,

I wish All visitors and hobby CNCers the best and many chips in 2016!

Greetings, Chris.

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2014-2018 timeline of the 2014-PT....
« Reply #16 on: June 21, 2019, 05:10:07 am »
To all visitors,

Over time I've had some questions about the final result on this 2014 machine....

First I can say that I am very happy with this machine, specially the long closed loop version.
Once youve gone closed loop or easyservo from Leadshine, its harder to go back to conventional steppermotors.
As I've explained to some people that this setup was more difficult to built and finallize.
Special tools and finishing does not make this a homebuilt.
Also the weight and size makes this machine a difficult for a home-builder-user.....
The 2014-PT is still a budget machine, and looking at basic cost of the mechanics it is very affordable.
Its all lasercut steel with some stainless addons.
With the final weight at 120-150Kg very stable assembly.
Also the round linear rails work very well.
The dual ballnuts compensate mechanically for the backlash on the elcheapo chinese ballscrews. Pretension on ballsnuts make the drive real right specially under loads
Total cost on the 2014PT mechanics-parts was around 1200€ each, build in a small batch.
(labour not included)
So with a Simple 4Amps Ebay stepperset, the basic costs end at around 1500€ (EX TAX and Transport)
With closed loop Leadshines and a USBCNC controller, 2,2Kw Router motor and a nice Alu tabletop its price getz around 2500€
for a 1200x550x130 -X-Y-Z  workspace and 150Kg machine.

Anyhow, if you wish to see some images of this and the previous builds...
Please Check my Pinterest page:
CNC & 3D printing @ Home.....

Also as a spinoff from this 2014 setup, a new 2019-MB is in the making!
This wil be a open source machine for modelbuilder and makers.
Check it out, and follow Zoltar on Pinterest

Greetings Chris.

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