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The Zoltar-Bie1900 controller
« on: December 07, 2011, 12:22:12 PM »
Hello All,

Introducing here the Bie1900 controller.
This is  a joined effort from Bor Electronics and Designstudio Zoltar.
Maybe some are interrested in the developments which went into this product, here some more on that.

After assembly of the USB controller and four driver modules with a powersupply
I figured out there should be a better and easier solution for this mess.

After an agreement with Andrej from CNCUSB, Bor electronics developed a combined controller-driver combination on one PCB. We concluded out of various options this should be the most economic way to produce a modern electronics solution in the Netherlands.
So here the initial results with a Epoxy cut test enclosure.

This controller has been running now for about a year with machines in the production facility of
BOR electronics and tested with the prototype overhere in the Netherlands.
Andrej has been testing sample unit since march 2011 too.

After the prototype serie now the second generation with minor modifications have been produced.
Even the enclosure has been updated for easier access.

I feel this controller concept with all the connections needed for three and even four axis use, brings a decent and compact solution to control our CNC-machine. It uses a modern driver chipset which brings a good balance between microstepping, accuracy and smooth running of the steppermotors.
The controller & drivers have been optimized to work with the USB software from  Andrej's -Planet-CNC.
Still there are extra connectors on the board for those who wish to use an LPT connector for other& older or EMC software or other brands of USB input based on direction-step. Its an extra option, for users who may need it in someway -but not supported by Zoltar-CNC-.

The solution here is specially developed for users who are not trained to work or tinker with electronics or just do not have the time to spend on this.

Some basic specs:
USB controller with CNC-USB on board
Chipset 1/8 microstep -30-35V max input
Suitable for 2,5 Amps steppermotors, adjustable from 1-2,5Amp in 1/2Amp steps.
Endswitch and limitswitch - connections for microswitches as well contactless type - two per axis-External emergency switches connections on front and backside possible.
Connection for a joystick controlling X-Y-Z-(A)
Connections for a external switchbox up to three channels (spindle motor - vacuum cleaner-coolantpump)
Input power-MAINS -230V~ max 10Amps. testing.wmv

Check the video!
Simple installation & smooth servo alike running of the steppermotors.


update PCB-img 13-03-2012
update PCB-video18-03-2012
update PCB-soldout 10-06-2014

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