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My First Zoltar
« on: March 03, 2012, 12:53:16 PM »
Remember My First Sony years ago..

Well..  this is My first Zoltar.

This is where it all started with CNC for me...   The Classic!

Finally found old pictures from the build and the first Kit's I cut with the classic.
I used it for years..  almost daily..  never gave up on my.. 

January 2004, all the parts layed out before starting the build.
Got the kit in 2003..  cleaned all the edges, drilled and tapped the holes..  ready for building!

I'm not going to post all the pictures..  just some interesting ones.

the bridge taking shape..  note the spindle we used back then..  work fine..  believe it's a speed 700bb or something :P

Almost ready!

The electronics taking shape, step 3d from Thorsten!

Cutting the first parts.

Wing ribs for a Brian Taylor Spitfire..  checking the fit.