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Zoltar Igus CNC - introduction
« on: December 01, 2011, 10:01:34 AM »
Welcome at the Zoltar Igus introduction .

This IGUS machine design was basically the third machine design, aiming at a bigger machine using IGUS rails. Stimulated by my friend Rik vd M. to create a bigger tool for 2,5 D and 3D woodwork, cabinet making. So the design-job was done, materials for two sets stainless where lasercut and after basic assembly I found there was no way this would fit my garage/workshop. So I sold my partset to Peter P. who was looking for a new challenge and bigger machine.
Since about 2007 many plansets where distributed but only limited build - at least that are known to me. Due to the many bigger sized laserparts, Igus rails and ballscrews the 1000Euro rule set by me back in 2001 could not be reached. Still its become a very clever and usefull machine. The Igus rail needs some time and skills to set it up properly.

Actually looking at it now, when this design would be converted with some quality ballrails. That would make an improvement to this machine . I may consider this modification of the planset if there is a serious amount of requests for that - but keep in mind building costs will then be raised well over 2000 Euro's. (The Igus plan is not distributed anymore.)

This section is of course about Q&A for current builders, and maintaining the Zoltar Igus mechanics.
You should find (or get) the answers to your questions on this mechanics here.

 - Chris Reinders -
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