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2011-CL - kitset - pricing -
« on: April 14, 2012, 07:23:13 PM »
OK, What does it cost.....

A basic 2011-CL kit cost 555 Euro ex tax & shipment.
This includes most assembly material, no tabletop.
Shipment options are worldwide on request.
Euro 1 zone is 50 €

So including TAX &Shipment - Euro 1 you are looking at 714 €
(pick up from Kampen - (no shipment)- NL- possible)

The best drive-set for this kit is the Isel drive-srew 16mm (2,5-5-10mm pitch),
and can be acquired worldwide and locally be machined to specification.
HTD belt, pulleys & bearings can be purchased via local suppliers or via Zoltar.

Other drive screws are possible if made to similar installation as used for the Isel screws.
Trapezium screws for example will be a lot cheaper but have their disadvantages
- so those are not supported by Zoltar - though drawings for home machining provided.

Electronics & stepper motors:
Designstudio Zoltar offers suitable motors, USB stepper motor controller & software
But these can off course also be acquired locally.

Lots available over the internet for free an $$$ and in any flavor.
Just keep in mind that it should be able to communicate with your electronics.

The biggest advantage maybe that this 2011-CL tool can grow with you in time.

What does that mean:
Depending on your personal situation this 2011-CL machine-kit can be finished with your personal finance in mind:
With cheap parts, china drivers and free software, and upgraded in time to its best configuration
when needed or if your financial situation brings that opportunity.

The basic 2011-CL machine mechanics with homebrew screwset
can probably be finished for under 1000€.

(note: recent experiments -12-06-2012- with the China Ballscrew option experiments showed that the 2011-CL
with machined China ballnuts can be fitted. Quality of these screws seem well but nothing can be estimated on the longer term.
As these China Ballscrewsets are fairly cheap and endmachined they can almost compete with Trapezium screws prices!!!)

Use of Isel ball-screws for more precision and a longer life about 1200-1300 Euro depending on the supplier.
Add steppers, controller & software + tooling to your wishes and there you have your price.

You actually decide yourself what and where you can source parts, at the best price.

Support from Zoltar trough the dedicated members section on this forum.
You do not stand alone…

Date - 15-03-2013:

Recent pricetag for lasercutting kits has gone up.
I do not think it can be economically worthwhile to have kits in stock at the current amount of requests I get.
For the future I consider to offer a planset for this tool too as the same for the 2012NC.
If you are interrested in a planset - Ask! sent me an email.[/b][/i]

Update 19-10-2014:

More than a year later only a few request for a planset have been made.
Unfortunately that does not cover the amount of work and support
to make this 2011CL available as a planset.
This nice project and machine has been archived.

Best regards,
Designstudio Zoltar, The Netherlands.
Chris Reinders B.A.
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