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Zoltar Classic introduction
« on: December 01, 2011, 10:48:32 AM »
Welcome at the Zoltar Classic introduction .

This 2001 Classic machine design was my first CNC-machine design created for my RC hobby.
It's usable cutting size was setup for A3 with a 90mm Z-axis. Its basics did remain the same but I experimented with longer versions of it. After some request I made a small batch and started to sell them.
It was a very affordable metal design but limited in width by its single drivescrew.
Adjusting the whole setup to get it working properly could take some time to get that sorted.
Finally a conversion to ballbearings supported slideblocks reduced the adjusting work considerably.

The problems back in 2001 there where that only a few suppliers could provide affordable still "serious" controllers, steppers and software. There was no microstepping of higher powered drivers so the drivescrews had to have a low pitch and so started with -in this case- some M12 screws with a Conrad steppercard running at 24 V finally by the ending of 2003  proving that trapezium 12x3mm screws do work and a Odin steppercard running at 50V provided true stepperpower, resulting in a very dependable machine. PCNC software from Lewetz under DOS did provide me durable service till spring 2011! That was the best software investment I ever made.

Anyhow if you're still using this machine from back then, here you could find or get some help if you may have problems using or maintaining this setup.

- Chris Reinders-

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